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Condolence From: Kathleen & Russ Mercer
Condolence: We are very sorry to hear of your mothers passing. She was a great cousin and friend.
Monday September 04, 2017
Condolence From: Matthew Candelaria
Condolence: Grandma Dot may have been a strong child rearing mother but as a grandmother, she was all about hugs, cookies, and candy. Every time we visited, she made us all feel at home. On our Friday night visits for a big family meal, she often made THE BEST spaghetti and meatballs. You will be dearly missed, but the good times we had together will never be forgotten.
Sunday July 23, 2017
Condolence From: Janelle, Kyle, Liam and Grady
Condolence: I will always cherish the family dinners we would have every Friday night at grandma's growing up. Her blueberry cake was the best, but the highlight of our visits was always grandma's company. I remember the sleepovers and one time in particular where I had the honor of sleeping over alone, a rare time where I was without my other four siblings. Grandma always had a way of making each of us feel special, and this sleepover where it was just her and I was one example. She took me shopping and let me pick out a beautiful ring, that I still have to this day. Another fond memory was when grandma took me to see The Wizard of Oz on ice, my absolute favorite! I'll never forget when I had children of my own, and grandma graduated from being grandma, to being GG (Great Gwam). I always knew I had the best grandma, but it wasn't until I had kids of my own that I really appreciated that. She was the kindest, most caring and loving GG. I will miss the phone calls where GG would check on us to see how our "little farm" was. She always had the best stories from her time raising animals, and I feel fortunate enough to use the wisdom she gave me in raising my own animals. Liam and Grady loved having dinner with their GG, Uncle Bryon and Uncle Bob. GG had a box of toys for the boys, and when we would go up for dinners, they looked forward to sitting on GG's lap and for her getting the box of toys out to play with. GG also had more of a social life than I did in my prime. I would always call her "Hollywood" on the nights I would call and she wouldn't pick up, and then I'd remember that she was playing cards, or having coffee with her group of friends that she cherished. They say you don't know what you have until it's gone. Thankfully you gave us the fondest memories, the strongest bonds and the greatest legacy that will never go away. We love you more than you could ever imagine. Thank you for everything GG.
Sunday July 23, 2017
Condolence From: Zachariah Candelaria
Condolence: I was a young kid when I first met grandma. She would always call me a "young whippersnapper" and greet us grandchildren with fresh molasses cookies. Everyone who knew my grandma, Dotty, may be familiar with her guard cat known as “Cutie.” Cutie was a vicious lion who protected the front of the house, but if you could get past him you were welcomed with a hug and the most gracious hospitality. During the October 2011 snowstorm that left us without power for 11 days, we were welcomed on top of Plain Hill Road as a refuge from the violence of that bizarre storm. Those were the good ole’ days; I will never forget Norman, the car accidents in front of the house, the family dinners, mowin’ the lawn, picking blueberries, the two kitties she used to have, the binge watching of “Seinfeld,” and most importantly grandma herself.
Sunday July 23, 2017
Condolence From: Robert and Anne Candelaria
Condolence: We love you grandma with all are hearts and will always miss you. Grandma you were the best always had my back like when I got my first speeding ticket and you helped me keep that hidden from mom and dad and just always there for all of us and will always think of the times us grandkids took turns having sleepovers at your house on weekends in the summer to picking blueberries down back and the best Easter egg hunts out in the yard we will never forget all the amazing things you have done for us we love you so much grandma
Sunday July 23, 2017
Condolence From: Wendy Chmielecki
Condolence: Miss Dottie showed me constant unconditional love, wisdom and support. We shared many good times and laughter. I will never forget her. She will always he with me. I thank her and her family for making feel like i was a part of their family. I will miss you. Love you always.
Sunday July 23, 2017
Condolence From: Anthony Candelaria
Condolence: She was always welcoming to me and so kind. Always a smile hug and a kiss to greet me. Thank you so much for all the good times: Birthdays, Holidays and other celebrations. Your Legacy will live on.
Sunday July 23, 2017
Condolence From: Joan Tinker
Condolence: I knew Dotty for all of my life. She was a neighbor and cousin. I remember skating, tobogganing, sliding, swimming, picnics, etc. She was one of my first Sunday School teachers. I remember when she took me for a ride in her first car. I remember when she married and how she decorated her first apartment. Her living room wall paper with a black background and huge purple flowers. Bryon, you were the first baby I was allowed to hold. Still a happy memory. She was a good cook and I am remembering many dinners. I remember when her house on Plain Hill was purchased. It was in very poor condition but lots of love and hard work made it the beautiful home it is today. She had a kind and generous heart. She is missed.
Friday July 21, 2017
Condolence From: Pam and Tom Novick
Condolence: We will miss our lifelong friend and neighbor for the neighborhood will not be the same. since I was a little girl I loved visiting Dotty and will miss her sense of humor. our sincere condolences you wonderful children who Watched over hers closely. you were blessed to have her this long ... our best to you Brian Bob and Cathy
Thursday July 20, 2017
Condolence From: Bryon, Bob & Cathy
Condolence: You have been our anchor in life and have left a legacy filled with kindness, wisdom and love.

Forever in our hearts - Love Bryon, Bob & Cathy
Thursday July 20, 2017